Women in Power: Angela Merkel

Since I’m talking about women who have changed the world, I would be remiss in failing to mention Angela Merkel. Named the most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany and a woman of many “firsts.” She was Germany’s first female chancellor, for example, and probably the first woman to ever be called “Europe’s most powerful leader.”

Angela Merkel looking official and witty and wise

I, for one, happen to think she’s pretty cool.  I mean, her long run as chancellor while so many European countries are going through heads of state like they are tissues in cold season is impressive; you’ve got to admire her constant leadership. And since I have a thing for scientific women, I’ll also mention that Merkel has a doctorate in physics and wrote her thesis on reactions of hydrocarbons. How’s that for multi-talented? Apparently, she’s also one-quarter Polish and bakes a mean pastry. So she’s always one to watch: see how she “plays with the big boys” in world politics and it’ll be obvious to you that her mandatory skirt and heels don’t stop her from keeping up.

Don’t let her smile fool you: she has power and she uses it with style.